100% inspection and rework

We provide 100% inspection and rework in all manufacturing phases.

We offer 100% inspection (product selection) and fault correction (product functionality restoration). This service can be provided in our own production facilities, on client or distributer location, or other selected site.

The service is conducted with a 100% visual inspection (and with monitoring and measuring tools) or rework. The aim is to remove product faults. This service is provided based on client’s written instructions, samples, referential products or other specifications. Product selection is done at our own production facilities, client or distributer location or other selected site. If we provide this service at our locations, we also provide logistical support.

Quality control includes:

  • shape and dimension inspection,
  • product or packaging damage inspection,
  • colour inspection,
  • labelling inspection,
  • inspection od overmoulding or shortshots,
  • other injection moulding irregularities.

We take care of the removal of the damaged products. We provide a statistical report and generate reports in accordance with the standards of quality.

We make sure that after a completed quality control or fault correction only the products that match the detailed quality specifications arrive to our clients’ assembly line.

Emergency quality control and rework is done mainly when a client already receives a quality complaint or has detected a mistake in their own production process. In this case, a one-time intervention is necessary. Our advantage is a quick response time and the option of transport and quality control at our own production facilities. This enables our clients to continue their manufacturing process unhindered and prevents them from incurring additional manufacturing expenses due to of assembly line halt and rejected product storage …

We also provide product assembly preparation – cutting, chamfering…

More and more clients require a 100% product inspection. These services have an important influence on the improvement of product quality and help reduce unnecessary expenses, related to complaints and claims of end recipients. Regular quality control can be provided at our own production facilities. We also provide a before and an after service transport. Each product is statistically monitored and we provide weekly discard reports and on demand even more often than that. We are in constant contact with our clients and immediately report additionally discovered faults, preventing further product claims. We also provide analysis of the production process and search for the cause.