When you need help, we can quickly find a solution that is right for you. We provide a service fitted to your needs and we deliver in the shortest possible deadline.

Our work process, based on the individualised approach, finds solutions to the most demanding challenges our clients face in a brand new or routine manufacturing process. We continue to look for new and better solutions with a guarantee to use our knowledge and experience for the best result for you.

We strive to make long-term partnerships, which require more than a positive communication; adaptability, understanding the problem and client demands as well as joint effort are key.

Our company follows the highest standards of quality. We operate in the areas of the high-requirement industries such as the automotive and food processing industry. We offer printing, component assembly, quality control and rework services.

You can contact us any day of the year and we do not leave you waiting. Knowledge, capability, innovation, diligence and resourcefulness provide us with the production speed necessary to maintain the agreed upon deadlines. With flexible solutions and detailed focus on individual projects, we can justify our clients’ expectations. Clients’ trust, pricing and service quality lead to the long-term cooperation and a continuous return of our clients.

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One of our main services is tampo printing. We specialize in automotive industry, which demands only the highest precision printing products. Screen printing technique is appropriate for various materials. It is commonly used in large format printing.

100% inspection and rework

We provide quality control and end-product assembly in all manufacturing phases. We offer 100% inspection (product selection) and fault correction (product functionality restoration). This service can be provided in our own production facilities, on client or distributer location, or other selected site.

Segment assembly and installation

We provide simple manual installation, device-aided installation and various high intensity assembly line installations. We assemble the products according to buyer needs or come to a solution together. We also provide a complete logistical service.

Labelling and declarations

Our clients can also chose the service of labelling and product or packaging declarations that simplifies marking and product tracking in the distribution chain. This service includes label application, label and declaration manufacturing, alteration or replacement of instructions.


We package products manually or automatically in bags, boxes, thermo-contracting foil… Upon client request we also provide product filling (with fluids, individual piece packaging). All of the products can be additionally printed, labelled, packaged into final delivery packaging and delivered.

Injection moulded plastic

Our company offers injection moulded thermoplastics for various fields. Our years of experience are a guarantee for top quality, accuracy and optimal manufacturing process.

Plastic welding

Among our services, we include hot Teflon plate welding. This process welds together two matching pieces of plastic.


Our services include logistics as end service to our manufacturing process as well as an individual service.