Labelling and declarations

Our clients can also chose the service of labelling and product or packaging declarations that simplifies marking and product tracking in the distribution chain. This service includes label application, label and declaration manufacturing, alteration or replacement of instructions.

A label printed on paper is the most common type of label. It can be found on any consumer product, from food to medicine, books, and office supplies and in other industrial branches. It enables marking and tracking of products.

A label on a product or packaging gives the name to its content, but also the basic information about it. The purpose of labelling is also the simplification of processes along the logistic chain – quicker and more accurate product recognition and the simplification of processes on the consumer’s end – labelling according to the requirements of the client or local regulations.

We also provide manufacturing declarations as some products are legally required to have one. A declaration needs to contain basic information about the product, name of the manufacturer, goods distributer and of the entity responsible for the product on the market.

All types of labels can be manufactured by us, ordered from a supplier or delivered by the client.

We provide this service at our manufacturing locations (we also take care of logistics) or any other agreed-upon location. Our qualities are adaptability, accuracy and speed.

Why chose our services?
  • Pre-agreed pricing (price per piece, per series),
  • Quick response,
  • Reliability,
  • Logistics assistance.