We package products manually or automatically in bags, boxes, thermo-contracting foil… Upon client request we also provide product filling (with fluids, individual piece packaging). All of the products can be additionally printed, labelled, packaged into final delivery packaging and delivered.

All of these services are provided at our manufacturing location.

Do you want to focus on product manufacturing only and wish to outsource packaging?

We provide:

  • Secondary packaging with adding or replacing instructions and instruction manuals and full product repackaging;
  • Promotion and gift-set packaging;
  • Online shopping packaging;
  • Purpose packaging, blister packaging;
  • This service is also suitable for smaller companies that cannot afford their own packaging assembly line, but are looking to have a professionally packaged product.

Products can be packaged either manually or with the use of machines into different types of packaging, which can be selected according to your requests. We can also package products using thermo-contracting foils, vacuum foils, thermo-tapes as well as filling fluids and bulk materials.

Packaged goods are delivered to your storage facility or to the intended buyer.