Tampo printing

One of our main services is tampo printing. We specialize in automotive industry, which demands only the highest precision printing products.

Tampo printing is one of the most versatile printing techniques as it enables printing onto 3D surfaces. Prints on various materials and surfaces are extremely detailed and accurate. With high resolution, we are able to print very small motifs.

High standards for materials, details and printing quality of the automotive industry point to the quality and success of our company. We are even able to provide for orders of over a million prints per year.

We print on: plastic, metal, glass, leather, wood, other synthetic materials.

Industries we cater to: automotive industry, kitchen appliances industry, food processing industry, sanitary ware industry, electronic industry, sporting industry, metal processing industry.



Screen printing technique is appropriate for various materials. It is commonly used in large format printing.

Screen-printing is a well-known printing method where printing is done with the aid of a film and a screen.

Dye is applied onto a product or intermediate products over a screen (a sieve). Dye application is followed by a drying procedure in a drying tunnel. This enables large-scale printing and gives colours of higher intensity through stronger colour applications.

Most suited for printing on: plastic, cardboard, paper, foil, glass, leather, metal, wood …