Segment assembly and installation

We provide simple manual installation, device-aided installation and various high intensity assembly line installations.                                  We assemble the products according to buyer needs or come to a solution together.                  We also provide a complete logistical service.                          Our company is happy to cooperate with our clients in individual mechanical segment development, we know how to develop products and offer best solutions to the client.

We provide manual assembly, screwing, »click« assembly, etc. Manual assembly is recommended for low quantity product series, where investment into an automated process is uneconomical as well as high quantity product series, where an automated process is not possible.

Semi-automatic/Complex assembly is used in multi-component assembly. Various procedures and techniques are used in plastic welding. These are screwing, gluing, netting, etc.

With purpose-adjusted machines with electric, pneumatic or alternative drive, we assemble various products. Automated assembly is used in high quantity products, which enable investments into the automation process. Automation increases product quality through assembly monitored by sensors and quality control segments.

When to call us?

  1. When you do not have your own assembly line facilities;
  2. When the machines or assembly lines are no longer a profitable part of your manufacturing process. We can take them over or aid you in streamlining your manufacturing process.
  3. When you have machines only used for low quantity production, which are commonly associated with additional costs (use of space, unnecessary switches…)
  4. When you simply do not wish to waste your time with assembly and want to focus your attention on your primary line of business.
  5. When your product, apart from assembly, also requires additional production phases, such as printing, labelling, injection moulding and packaging.
  6. When you need to increase your production capacity temporarily due to increased orders, lack of human resources, or production expansion.
  7. When you have an idea or a plan for a new product, but do not want to be involved in the manufacturing process.

We provide competitive pricing and guarantee that our cost is lower than your own manufacturing expenses. We complete our tasks on time and in agreed upon quantities. We guarantee that our knowledge and experience will help you find the best solutions.